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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Puppies and World Champs!

We just got back from the wedding in New York. The bride was gorgeous and the weather was perfect! What's this got to do with dogs? Well nothing really..But if I have to make it dog-related, I am lucky that most of my family (even the in-laws) are doggie crazy! Dennis' sister has 5 dogs, my sister has 5 dogs and so I am not alone in my craziness!

The good news is that after one week away from home, it is obvious that Zen is pregnant! I can't tell if it is a small litter or a big litter, but at least there are puppies! Hurrah! Now we wait and worry and pray for healthy pups and healthy Zen.

The World Agility Championships are over. Suzanne and Unique had some fantastic results. A second place in small individual Agility is awesome! Unfortunately faults in the jumping put them out of a medal, but still that is a great result! Plus two fast clears in the team runs. 3 clear fast runs out of 4, not too shabby! Now how to convince Suzanne to try out again next year????

As an interesting fact, Unique's granddad (Ch. Toven Wintertide aka Timmy) had both a grandson (Unique) and a daughter (Sydney-running in small team for the usa) at the World Champs this year. In addition Zen ran last year and Tazz ran two years ago, so that gives Timmy one daughter and three grandkids that have run at the World Agility Championships! For three different countries! How's that for consistancy?!

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Lian said...

I'm another doggie crazy! I'm not a breeder but I have more that what I should have!!! 5 and a half!