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Friday, September 22, 2006

When Irish Eyes are Smiling!

Dennis and I have just returned from our trip to Ireland. We had a great time, but I must admit I prefer England and Scotland. Nothing is signposted in Ireland! It was very hard to find walking trails and tourist landmarks. Yet they had signs for every B&B posted in every town!

We took the ferry over from Wales (note: I want to visit Wales again for a longer period). Pax and Hex came along with us. They are such great travellers and I think they enjoyed Ireland!

The beaches were lovely, the views along the Ring of Kerry were awesome and the hot scones every morning caused me to gain weight! We stayed in a beautiful old cottage and we enjoyed that more than anything. It felt like you were in your own home. Much nicer than staying in a hotel.

Pax and Hex loved the beaches but we had to make sure that Hex did not get swept away by the currents. She has no fear of water!

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