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Friday, September 22, 2006

Amersterdam and Hob-b finally comes home!

After a ferry journey from England to The Netherlands we spent a day in Amsterdam. Dennis, Tazz and I walked around Amsterdam for awhile, killing time until we finally picked up Hob-b at the airport.

Amersterdam is an interesting city. It is so pretty and easy to walk around. The "coffee shops" are quite funny. Don't be confused, they don't sell coffee! While walking on one street, Tazz made a bee-line to a young girl sitting in the doorway at a coffee shop. She stroked him and said how cute he was. I mentioned that he probably thought she had food for him and she just laughed and pointed back to the coffee shop and said "no food, just weed"...not a comment you normally hear!

But watch out for the bikes! They are everywhere and can be so scarey! When you cross the street, you are watching for cars AND bikes. The bikes don't slow down for you either. In the background of this photo of me and Tazz notice the parking garage. It is multistory parking garage full of bicycles! There were hundreds, if not thousands!

We finally picked up Hob-b at Amsterdam Airport. We also said goodbye to Tazz who returned with Johanna to Denmark. Hopefully Tazz left behind a few babies with Zen! Here is a photo of Hob-b in her bag upon arrival into Amsterdam airport. Isn't she too cute! I cannot wait to get her home to England and let her settle in with the crew. She should do fine as she is so easy-going and friendly.


Johanna said...

Thanks for the update :o) Is that what you would call Hob-In-A-Box???

Lian said...

She is so cute, will definitely make a fuss of her when I see her.

Andy Hudson said...

She is so pretty. Would love to see some more pictures of her please!!