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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dania Cup 2011 Part 1

Last month we went back to Denmark to compete at the Dania Cup 2011 agility show. In Denmark they have a week-long agility show during July that moves every year to a different part of Denmark in a 3 year cycle. This year it was called the Dania Cup and was near Naevsted Denmark. In 2004 I attended the Jutlandia Cup which was in the more western part of Denmark.

Things have changed quite a bit for me since 2004. Back then I was running my lovely Pax and came to Denmark to pick up a hopefully pregnant True (Zen's mom). Pax's best placement that week was a 4th place and I was thrilled with that! True went on to produce a singleton puppy that year called "One".

Now fast forward to 2011. I ran Zaz and Itzy at the Dania Cup and was there to pick up a hopefully pregnant Zen. Zaz won numerous first places and both Zaz and Itz made it to the end of the week Final! I already know that Zen is pregnant with more than one puppy so we are improving in both agility and breeding on our last attempt in Denmark!

From 2004:

Tazz and True. This combination produced the singleton One on their first try and then went on to produce Hex, Indy and Max. I wish I had repeated this breeding again...

4th Place for me and Pax. These courses were so foreign to us and it took me all week to get a clear round!

On that trip I got to see Unique for the first time since he left us as a puppy at 8 weeks. Here he is at 1 year old with his mom True on the left and dad Monty on the right. This breeding also produced Zen. This was one amazing breeding and encouraged many sheltie breeders in Denmark and Sweden to start using Monty.

Now back to 2011 and it was fantastic for me to see so many shelties running that are related to my dogs through Monty or One. I saw both children and grand-children of Monty! My little Monty, who almost did not come with me to England, has now really left his mark on the sheltie world. I was so glad to see him again this year and hope that it is not the last time I see him as he is now 12.5 years old. I also got to meet some grand-children of True: my little couch potato who produced the most amazingly smart and crazy pups.

In my Class 3 classes I was often beat by shelties related to Monty! HA! Don't these people realize they should have let me win as payment to me for their pups? LOL

Zaz getting 2nd to a swedish Monty daughter.

Zaz narrowly winning the class to another Monty daughter!

The happy couple of 2011: Zen and Carson. Say a prayer that all 6 pups are healthy happy and gorgeous and that there are a few little black girls for me to choose from!

More about the Dania Cup 2011 with video soon!


Christine said...

ahhh, you must be so proud :-)

Diana said...

Ooh, I love bi-blacks. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Ellie said...

I cant wait to see your little pups!

Angela said...

So very excited for you all xx

Zindelijk BSDs said...

Fantastic news, fingers crossed for a girl for you. xx

Malin said...

I'm so happy to hear about the puppies. Iris is with her breeder now and has one week to go. When is Zen due?