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Friday, March 18, 2011

Zaz and Itz do good!

Zaz and Itz have started the 2011 agility season off well.

First I found out that Itzy won a trophy for the English Shetland Sheepdog club Working section. She won the trophy for the best Novice dog of 2010! Not bad considering she only competed for 4 months last year.

Itzy is now recovering from her spay; so no agility for Itz for awhile. She doesn't think she should slow down at all but I think 6 weeks off training will be good for her. I will concentrate on her fitness and I know she will come back even stronger.

Then we had our first competition for 2011. Mid-Downs is the show where we all get there and start walking courses thinking...."damn I haven't done this in months!" Everyone is rusty and I know my legs felt like lead after my first run.

I was really pleased with Zaz's win in this class. I remember Zen winning the same class during her first season of competition in 2005. (That was when Zen was running as a mini). This win qualifies her for the Pro-plan stakes final in September!

I am hoping to get Crufts videos and photos up this weekend. We had a great Crufts. As usual it was exhausting and exhilerating at the same time. Unfortunately I am suffering from what I call the "Crufts Danish Flu". So my energy levels are not great and just when I think I am feeling better it comes back again...Yuck I hate being sick! Thank to the Crazy Danes for leaving their flu behind yet again!


Diana said...

awesome run with Zaz !!! Congrats

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Congratulations to you and Zaz!

I am sorry you are sick and hope you feel 100%soon - I saw several of your runs with Zen from Crufts on the livestream and was cheering you on! You guys did fantastic! Congratulations on that as well!

Anonymous said...


Nothing to see of legs with lead during your run.
Zaz is a really fantastic treasure.
Longing to see more of such great runs.

Best regards!