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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

FCI World Agility Championships 2010 Part 4: ZEN

It was our last run. I felt really relaxed as I had nothing to lose; we were in 28th place so the reality is that we could not medal. The course was not difficult at all and I knew there would be too many quick clears.

I did not feel down about it; I just made sure to enjoy it even more. This course was so easy I did not even need to ask for help in deciding how to handle it! (VBG) I went to the start line knowing this would be Zen's last FCI World Championship run. Probably the only thing I did differently was to run her Aframe as I figured we had nothing to lose. My goal was to run the course relaxed and efficient with Zen's typical smooth style.

I promised Zen that after her last run she could have an ENTIRE cup of tea. Zen's favorite treat in the world is tea. She usually shares a cup with us in the evening but only gets what we leave at the bottom. This time she deserved the whole cup to herself. So I brought a Thermos of water from the hotel and made the cup of tea before we ran. After her run we went back to our little room and I let her drink the whole cup. These little dogs don't ask for much do they?

After Zen had her cup of tea and I had a little cry I gave her the biggest hug and told her she was the best little dog in the world. Zen loves her agility and could run agility all day long. What she does not like is the travelling and the commotion at the large venues. She has done 4 FCI World Championships for me and I don't have any doubt that she did it for me. Zen placed in the 2nd in team agility and 4th in team jumping (she was not in individual that year) in 2005. In 2007 she came 3rd in Individual Agility, 2nd in Team jumping and 3rd in team agility. That year her medium team earned the Silver medal. In 2009 Zen ran two clears in her individual runs to come 5th in the world. This year she ran two clears in the individual and came 13th overall. In between she has had 3 litters of puppies and kept me from losing my mind after I lost Hex. I have no right to ask anything more of her and she has earned the right to just chill and run in local shows.

What a star...Thanks Zen.


Johanna said...

What great posts - made me cry & smile ! She is ZEN-STAR !!!!!

Hooch n Troops said...

What a little star...fab achievements...well done Zen and mum! lol...was it earl grey tea? or PG tips? lol


Daybreak Dogs said...

What an amazing, fabulous, inspirational little dog she is for you - your teamwork is a fantastic benchmark for us all to aspire to :-)

Ann Marie said...

Congratulations to you and Zen on your accomplishments at 2010 Worlds AND for all the two of you have accomplished over the years. I have cheered for the two of you from "across the pond" many times over the course of your journey but I have never been more proud of you, my friend, then I am right now.

Your decisions regarding Zen do not surprise me. They just prove once again why I consider you one of my dearest friends.

All the best to you both.

Diana said...

What a fantastic run and a wonderful post about your great dog!! Congrats and happiness to you both. Diana

Gemma H x said...

Lovely post.. made me well up! Well done Bernadette and Zen, GB have always been so proud that you represent us.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your report!
And a Thanks and whole round LAOLA !!!!!!! for little Zen
I really enjoyed watching you run.



Christine said...

Ditto Johanna

Hudsondoglets said...

Zen-Star. We are so lucky to have two of her special puppies. Thank you Zen.

Nicky Manes said...

Wow... I dont have words to describe how much I idmire you. Its very inspiring reading this, it almost made me cry. What a fantastic dog you have!!! Shes a little star!! I didnt know it was her last run in WCs, you had an awesome performance during this last 4 years. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Karen said...

Zen has been a total star, this is a lovely post made me cry too !! XXXXX

Sassie said...

Yay for the amazing ZEN!!!

dog training said...

congratulations, i am happy for your little champion!!