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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

FCI World Agility Championships 2010 Part 3

Saturday morning began early with small individual agility. I was more nervous watching Nicky with Indy and Suzanne with Unique. Each one had a shot at a medal. They were lying 4th and 6th going into the individual agility. Both dogs has also had double clears in the two team runs with Unique actually winning the team jumping class. Both Unique and Indy are super little dogs with such talented handlers. I am lucky to have matched them up all those years ago.

Here are Indy and Unique's individual jumping runs. I love watching Nicky and Suzanne's individual styles in handling.

Unfortunately Indy was up first and he misread a rear cross picking up a fault. After that Nicky gave up and finished up with an Elimination. That was stressful enough but next up was Suzanne and Unique. Unique has been so close; always at the top but just missing out due to bad luck. He was putting in a foot perfect run when a slight bobble caused him to drop the double. It seemed like the bar came down reluctantly! It was such a shame as the rest of the run was gorgeous and he would have had the silver medal.

Indy and Unique are about 3 years apart in age and have the same Mother. True really made the best babies!

After the stress of watching it was now my turn again!

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Nicky Manes said...

Wow, the WC is sooo exciting! In Argentina we were watching it in live thanks to the agilityvision service! It was like 3am here, but we watched all the competition with some friends! MY DREAM is to participate some day in the agility WC, but I see it very difficult and far away from here. Agility in my country is not so good and we have so much to learn!
I went to Austria for the WC 2009, but just to see the competition, I had a wonderfull time and i hope to be there one day with my dog.
Congrats again for your permormance and thanks for sharing this beautiful text. OBay shelties are the best!!!!