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Sunday, August 22, 2010

7 things....

We are back from our mega-agility holiday. Usually I would say we were "agilitied-out" but I actually am not! I could have done more agility but was tired of being in the caravan. I loved running Zen and Itzy and had a great time with both of them. Unfortunately Zaz came in season a week before the Kennel Club show so I could not run her. It was disappointing but it means that she will be out of season for her first Grade 6 show and even better, for her Olympia semi-final. So really she was a most accommodating girl! So the week was all about Itzy! When I walked to the ring with Itzy by my side I would sing to her "It's Itzy-Bitzy time" (yes I am sad that way) as it felt right that I concentrated on her this week. More about our agility week in another post.

As I have been downloading videos I was catching up on blogs that I like to read (I missed them while I was away!) and found that another blogger nominated us to write 7 things you may not know about me or my dogs. I do not usually like these games but this one intrigued me as I have been doing alot of thinking lately. (scarey) I actually had a more difficult time coming about things you may not know about my dogs as I talk about them so much! So here goes:

7 things you may not know about me:

1. I bred my first litter of poodle pups when I was 11 years old and whelped them all on my own on Christmas eve while my parents were at Christmas mass.

2. I spent 8 years in Catholic school and still have terrible handwriting but am very good at spelling.

3. My parents never read a book to me yet I have loved to read since I was a child and even then could finish any book in one day.

4. Met Dennis on a blind date set up by our mothers.

5. Always hated being tall.

6. Used to drink " Long Island Ice Teas" when we went out to nightclubs as teenagers as it was the cheapest way to get drunk quickly. Now I hardly drink at all as I hate the results the next day!

7. For 8 years of catholic school we wore green plaid school uniforms with green knee socks. Once we graduated I swore I would never wear dark green socks again and I have not.

7 things you may not know about my dogs:

1. Pax suffered from seizures as a puppy and I never thought she would live past a year old.

2. Zen does not normally bark in the car when I sing. But if I sing "If you're Happy and you know it" Zen will bark exactly when I get to the part that says "clap your hands".

3. Zen hates having her photo taken.

4. My German Shorthaired pointer, Tess, used to chew on her front dew-claws when she was bored.

5. Joy once "spoke" to a animal communicator. What she said was amazing.

6. My first dog Honey-bun was a poodle that we bought at a pet shop called "Puppy Palace" and we got a discount on her as she had been there for so long.

7. Zen sleeps in a bed on the floor in our bedroom. She jumps up onto our bed every morning at almost exactly 5am just to curl up by our feet.

I am supposed to nominate 15 other bloggers. Rather than nominate specific blogs I will just ask that, if you have a blog, please join in! Let me know if you do join in as I would love to read what interesting answers I know will be coming!

Spookily the photo I put at the top of this post has 7 OBay shelties in it and that was not planned! I just wanted to dress up the blog post with a photo from last week!


Diana said...

Thanks for playing. Its so interesting to learn things about people. I cant wait for your agility post on Itzy. Diana

Ann Marie said...

I remember Puppy Palace! I used to drag my parents in there when I was little. Hey, what did I know back then - I was just a kid!

Hooch n Troops said...

great title...i have done me now just have to think of 7 things about my dogs! lol