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Friday, February 01, 2008

Weekend training plans

Weather report: No rain today!

A belated Happy Birthday to my big sister Terry! She turned ?? old yesterday. I am so jealous because she is getting one of these ribbon wall hangings (photo below is from her website) for her birthday. I saw this email on one of my sheltie lists from this lady. I have not personally seen her stuff or worked with her; but was impressed by the creativity so I forwarded the note to some friends. I have decided that Terry, Johanna and Sonia are three peas-in-a-pod. They are the people who, if you show them something new, they just gotta have it! Hmmm why is it I am friends with these people? hahaha Anyway Terry is getting something like this for her birthday and is using ribbons from all 5 of her dogs. It should be really special.

Once Terry gets hers and we see how reliable the lady is; I will report back with photos!

Yesterday we actually did get out for a walk. The rain and gale force winds just stopped suddenly around 3pm. So I met Lisa and we took Hex, Hob-b, Griz and Chi for a good walk around the gallops. Hob-b and Hex have been my main walking partners recently and they are a nice team to take out together.

Hex and I did some short training sequences today. Nothing big but we set up sequence 6 of the Jenny Damm DVD. It is one of the shorter sequences and I needed to get some equipment off areas of my grass so the mud could dry up. So now there is one big area in the middle that I cannot use for a little while. I also set up this sequence that I found here on AgilityNerd blog.

A special note to Johanna: I have started to "refresh" Tazz's contacts for you! ha! I figure we can't let the poor guy go to Crufts not having done any agility since August!

Here is a silly video of Hex trying to learn to "Sit pretty" (basically sit up and beg). I find it hysterical that some dogs, like poodles and terriers, can almost do this naturally yet I have never been able to teach one of my shelties to do it. So I have been working with Hex as I figure it cannnot hurt and will help her core muscle strength. And it is just cute!

The weekend plans are:

  • Saturday: Course walking training day with Lesley Olden. Yeah!
  • Sunday: I am judging in the morning at C-side and also get to run Hex in the afternoon. Yeah finally a good training run for Hex!


Karen said...

ooohhhhhhh I just love those wall hangings let me know how your sisters turns out and if it is as good as it looks I am really tempted too !!! and love the way Hex begs she is very cute but not quite as cute as Todds ( nothing like being biased !!!!)

Johanna said...

You should call her trick " Catch Flies" or even better " Catch Kisses ".
She is very cute though :-)

Paula said...

Thanks for putting the course plan up I know what to expect tonight!

See you Sunday when I can see Hex sitting pretty in person.

Lian said...

I like the wall hanging decoration and I am glad I still keep all the rosettes the boys won! The wicked Hex is just too cute for word!! Am looking forward to your judging on Sunday and hopefully Saturn will be a good boy on the Dog Walk.

I'm Helen said...

Those ribbons collages are lovely - hmm, very tempting. You're right about the terriers doing this easy - Arch does it almost as a default position in his 'repertoire' and Henners does it naturally. :)

Anonymous said...

I just love the collage of ribbons you have there...you are right on sitting pretty...most JRT learn it so quickly..my sheltie learns it with some difficulty though...but now, she just loves to beg..

Shanice & Nova

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

ROFLOL!! Hex is being very cute in the vid.